Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gerber/Hart moves, but won't open in Rogers Park, just yet

Karen Sendziak and a volunteer clears out the
remaining items from the Granville location on April 29
(Rogers Park) - Gerber/Hart has left Granville in Edgewater, but won't open in Rogers Park anytime in the future.

In a rare one-on-one interview, Karen Sendziak, President of the Gerber/Hart Library, told "Now in Rogers Park," on April 29, 2012, "all archives are safe."

"From books to magazine's, photos, periodicals, nuts, bolts, even the hat rack... Everything is stored in a climate controlled room, safely in a building in Edgewater," said Sendziak.

When asked if they were stored at 6500 North Clark, Sendziak said, "Yes." Questioned further on when the Library will open at 6500 North Clark, Sendziak said there was an issue with the permit process, saying, "the city has not yet issued the permits that the Library has applied for..."

"We can't do anything until we get the permits," said Sendziak.
No permits. 6500 North Clark lacks
the permits to open to the public.

The property at 6500 North Clark shows signs of life - as a wall has recently been erected on the second floor of the south side of the building.

White paper covers the all the windows on the second floor, from allowing anyone to see the work that is going on.

A business owner across the street said he "saw moving trucks this morning, and work going on in the last week."

So, as a chapter of the Gerber/Hart's history closes in Edgewater, its future in Rogers Park is very cloudy.


jeffo said...

Thanks for the update.
Looking Good.

Milan Vydareny said...

It's pretty amazing that things have so far progressed as to allow Sendziak to effectively disregard any rights what-so-ever of G/H constitutent groups. So far as I know, all individuals with any legal standing in the issue have chosen to remain silent and permit themselves to be trampled like so much chaff before the onslaught of Sendziak's relentless campaign to disenfranchise everyone in her path. The Illinois Attorney General has also chosen to ignore the situation from all apperances. What's left? In a word: nothing; nada, zip, zilch, zero and capitulation. So much could be done if only a few indivivduals had the cojones to step forward and make their voices heard.

If that were to happen we might accidentally discover some people of courage in the gay community. Wouldn't that go against the stereotypes!


Milan Vydareny

Craig Gernhardt said...

Seriously, Jeff? Have you even been following this story of the past couple of months? Things are NOT looking good.

Please think before commenting.