Sunday, April 15, 2012

Deep trench engulfs cab on Lunt

A stuck in the road cab
(Rogers Park) - Around 4:15 a.m., April 15, 2012, a cab driver drove his cab into a street project trench in the 1500 block of West Lunt. The loud noise woke the neighbors who lived by.

"You could hear the crash and the driver trying to gun the engine to get out," said one annoyed resident.

Another resident, who lives near-by, was yelling another driver who wanted to go down Lunt, but couldn't, due to cab 6332 being stuck in the middle of the street.

The driver drove his truck on the parkway and sidewalk to get around.

Both right wheels of the cab
fell into the trench on Lunt
Not to make excuses for the cabbie - but: The trench isn't securely barricaded, and Lunt Ave., being a one-way street, isn't that wide.

Plus, it was dark and there were puddles in the road due to the evening's heavy rainstorm.

As of 8:15 a.m., the cab was still stuck in the trench. Traffic can't safely get by.
The fare meter was turned off.

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