Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shots Fired in the 1700 block of West Pratt

(Rogers Park) - Multiple neighbors called 911 tonight regarding 'shots fired' on their block around 8:08 p.m., on March 14. Up to six shots were reportedly fired. 

The general area of the shooting by the various anonymous 911 callers varied from as far away as Morse and Ashland - to Morse and Clark; and finally the 1700 block of west Pratt.

One caller said the shooting came out of the second floor of 1737 west Pratt, although a check at that location by the CPD turned up empty. 

Bullets did go through two neighbors window in the 1800 block of west Pratt. This was confirmed by the CPD over the radio.

One witness said the alleged shooter was M/H who ran north from Pratt. 
Police were touring the area for suspects. Nothing further at this time.


Steve2431 said...

Well I thought the area was cleaning up. A good reminder that the changes in and around Morse area is still a very delicate situation issue and can change in a second.

jeffo said...

I think it is cleaning up. But the job is not over.
Some punks still think this is gang territory worth fighting over (which is ridiculous). LK versus GD. Just further West now.

Littleton Arts Uptown said...

Did anybody go to the Cultural Plan 2012 meeting at Mayne Stage or .....are ya just about crime?

It was a good meeting.

Craig Gernhardt said...

This blog will be pretty much about crime that usually goes unreported in the neighborhood.

I'll save the cultural stuff for people to post and repost and rerepost - over and over and over again on EB.

Thanks for asking.

Littleton Arts Uptown said...

Crime is "cultural stuff" too. There are worse things then being a crime voyeur....