Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shots fired at Morse and Greenview

Two parked cars took on some damage
in last nights wild shoot-out
(Rogers Park) - Around 1 a.m., March 31, gun fire erupted in the 1500 block of West Morse Avenue. Neighbors report hearing 9 to 10 shots, then 6 to 7 shots more.

According to one EB neighbor, Katey, the shots came from "two different guns."

Kshell said, "a silver SUV shot at a black car." Kshell also said he hear shots fired by an individual on foot a few blocks away.

Two innocently parked cars on the North side of Morse were damaged in the shoot-out/crash. A red Ford Escort and a purple Dodge mini-van.

Timothy Killeen, who said he witnessed the crash but not the shooting, said a dark van was shot at Morse and Greenview.

Chase said, "It took the police about 4 to 5 minutes to appear."

Christel Richard said, "I live on Greenview and saw the shooter. It was probably the most scariest thing I witnessed."

According to the Chicago Tribune, no one was hit by the flying bullets. No one was seriously hurt in the crash. But four people did go to the hospital, three females and one male.

The shooter(s) have not been identified.

There is a official police camera mounted high on a pole, on the corner of Morse and Greenview. That taxpayer funded police camera should've captured everything.

That's if it's working?

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