Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mayne Stage/Reside on Morse hit with territorial taggings

(Rogers Park) - 'Oneway' has moved in, and he's leaving his mark.

The Mayne Stage/Act One/Mayne Annex, 1328-1334 West Morse, has been hit with territorial tagging in recent days.

So has Reside on Morse, 1340 West Morse.

Six of the seven tags I photographed this morning were on private property, the other on a public pole in the alley next to the two buildings.

A call to 311 put me through the ringer, as when the operator asked if "I was the owner of the building?" -  I said, "no",  she put me on hold; and the phone disconnected after a few minutes.

Instead of wasting all morning trying to get some results through official channels, I'll just post the photographs here so everyone can see who really owns the neighborhood.

Clearly, it's Oneway.

East side of Reside on Morse -Lunt building, 

Car stop pole for Reside on Morse parking lot

Back alley Mayne Stage building

Back alley Mayne Stage building

Back alley Mayne Stage building

Front board-up for Mayne Annex

Telephone pole next to Reside on Morse - Lunt building

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